Search Engine Optimization

· U.S. retail sales over the Internet grew by 25.9 percent in the first quarter of 2003 compared to the same quarter a year earlier, rising to $11.9 billion.

· Not counting auctions, online consumer sales leaped to about $74 billion in 2002.(ComScore Networks)

· Over 80% of Internet users utilize search engines and directories to find Web sites. (Forrester Research)

· ONLY the top 30 search results generate serious traffic.

· IT PLAZA has the solution.

Major search engines and directories
# Yahoo!
# Google
# Msn
# Overture
# Excite
# Lycos
# iWon
# HotBot
# DogPile
# Ask Jeeves
# WebCrawler
# MetaCrawler
# Overture
# InfoSpace
# Netscape Search
# Alltheweb
# About
# Alexa
# Go
# Looksmart
# NBCi
# Search King
# Espotting
# EarthLink
# ScrubTheWeb
# Mamma
# Teoma
# AltaVista

2nd level search engines and directories
# WhatUSeek
# WiseNut
# Euroseek
# Go2net
# Enhance
# GigaBlast
# Vivisimo
# ExactSeek
# Nation
# Wired
# Surfwax
# ixQuick
# Infonetware
# Fazzle
# infoGrid
# ZapMeta
# Finger
# MetaEureka
# Aeiwi
# EntireWeb
# Jayde


Email Campaign

Enhance your existing email marketing with HTML. We can design, format and help you with information on how to broadcast your HTML emails. We specialize in designing HTML emails for delivery using MS Outlook, the most popular email client on the planet.

Attractive HTML formats allow you to add pictures and animation to basic text emails that promote products or services, send out updates or broadcast regular newsletters. Plus, include your web address and other links to your web site to launch customers directly into your site.

We design HTML Emails for:

   · Email Newsletter
   · Promotional Emails
   · Product Announcement Emails
   · Member Mailings



  Web Banners

With the HUGE amount of ads cluttering websites, it is important to design banner ads that engage the web user with a purpose and reason to leave the site they are currently on. Compelling ads don't just advertise a site, they provide a specific reason to visit the advertised site. Web advertising is also a very important tool in branding your company or service. Thus, it is also important to successfully convey the message of your brand in your banner ad.

We provide professional, low cost custom banner design that you can depend on to showcase your products and services in the best possible way. Clean, cutting-edge, attractive ad banners that motivate viewers to visit your website and generate real interest in all you have to offer. We have an excellent reputation for banner design quality and service. If you have been through the grinder trying to get a high quality banner ad from others, we can assure you that it won't happen here. Our ordering process is simple and our development process is fast. We do things the way they should be done in the fast-paced world of internet business, and that combined with our experience and skill is what keeps our customers coming back.

What distinguishes our work from many other offers? The answer is simple and clear - we design CUSTOM banners according to your requests and what is important we never use templates. We develop banners taking into account your audience, your target group, banners that attract traffic! Our banners are always unique, elegant and attractive.



  Search Engine Optimization

9 out of 10 search engine users only click on natural search results. Pay-per-click advertising is ineffective and is only targeting 10% of your prospective clients.

Get to the top of the search results and win 90% of search engine users.

To effectively represent your company, it's imperative to be well positioned in all major search engines' natural (aka. free or algorithmic) search results. These results are most often displayed separately from paid or sponsored listings, cannot be purchased, and are the single most common source of qualified site visitors.

Natural optimization is a valuable investment in your existing web site. This procedure does not typically require major alterations to the look and feel of your current site however, our recommendations will address any potential problems including any architectural barriers to effective search engine spidering.

Learn where your site is positioned in search results on all major search engines. Please call or email us today to start your Search Engine Optimization today.

While the list of search engines and directories we submit to is constantly being updated, as search engines are constantly being added and updated, we maintain a list of the most common and popular ones. We also submit your site to thousands of directories & link sites to maximize its Web exposure.