Web Design

   Website Redesign


Template Designing

Web site templates are web designs, which can be easily customized to reflect your company's branding.

We create visually appealing, functional, and scalable web site designs / template designs to fit for your specific needs. None of the templates that we create for any of our clients are ever reused for any other purposes what so ever!

We create a professional site design / template design to meet your needs and which can easily be populated by your backend engine. A general Templates deliverable would include HTML files, corresponding CSS, properly layered PSD files and:

   · PSD file of the Template
   · Thumbnail image of the template
   · Images
   · HTML code
   · CSS - Style sheet
   · GIF file of the templat
   · File naming conventions
   · Fonts (optional)

Our web design studio in a perfect blend of Creativity, Simplicity, and Class! The Web design studio team consists of experts not only from the web design field but also members with idea conceptualizations as their main strength!


  Complete Website Designing

Appearance is not the most important issue; its usability and search engine visibility, ie, creating user-friendly web site. As a web design company, it always more fun for our web designers to design new graphics & change the website design, animation and cool new page elements like flash, but we consider doing a couple of other things like, speed up your website, make it easy for prospective buyers to find what they are looking for, make your web page design easy to read. As a web design company we considered the provision of clean, crisp information & interactive design, its content & theme, in order to ensure that your site has the look and feel you desire, without sacrificing the user-friendliness that will keep visitors at your site, read your sales materials and buy from you.

Packages could cover following:
   · 5 to 200 HTML Web pages
   · Domain Registration For One Year
   · Hosting For One Year
   · Custom Design
   · 2-3 Animations (flash / gif)
   · Custom Forms
   · Search Engine Submission


  Website Redesign

Time to redesign your web site?

Whether your current site is outdated or you're just interested in considering some new ideas, we'd love to help you decide how best to improve your online presence.

We'll critique your site for free and suggest ways that it can be improved, both visually and functionally. Then, if you like our ideas, we'll prepare a proposal detailing exactly how we'll shape and implement the site improvements we've recommended, using only those tools and techniques that will best serve your online communication goals.

Here are a few of the aspects we will evaluate in your existing website, and then suggest you to website redesign:
Website Redesign

   · Overall Strategy
   · Functionality
   · Download Time
   · Ease of Navigation Website Redesign
   · Usefulness of Content
   · Overall Graphic Presentation
   · Photo Gallery (if available)
   · Contact, Support & feedback level
   · Search Engine Optimization Website Redesign

We believe that website design process begins with discovery - identifying the target audiences for the web site, developing a persona set, conducting usability studies, surveying our clients, and defining the structure of the redesigned site.


  Flash Website

Flash web site : A flash website makes a unique user experience that is unique fast loading and entertaining.

Our design team has all the necessary skills and experience to produce very high quality and professional flash. Our rates are very reasonable and our turn around time is quick.

Please contact us to give us the details of the required work and to request a quote.


  Flash Intro

Flash intro page : Flash based Intro Page entices the user before entering the site. A short, 20-30 second introduction is most effective.

Build flash intros and websites with tools that offer many combinations. Have a custom intro built according to your specifications, using the images and content provided by you. If you are one of those looking for a custom flash intro solution place your order with us we will create flash animation, incorporate images and add text to the flash intro just as you want.

We do this for an affordable fee and we do it real fast!