Computer & Local Area Network

Wi-Fi & VPN Deployment


Computer & Local Area Network
The Certified Network Technology Team at IT PLAZA is able to map out the most complete strategy for network design, administration and application development.

We offer complete site evaluation proposals, including network topology, cable installations, and system configurations.

Also give service to setup Local Area and Wide Area Network design, implementation and support.

As a successful full-system integrator, IT PLAZA Solutions has completed substantial projects:
· design and installation of hundreds of networks
· telephone design and implementation
· web site design and implementation
· turnkey multi-server installations
· cabling projects with thousands of drops

We are committed to (1) providing quality end-to-end technology solutions, and (2) building long-term, and mutually beneficial business relationships.


We will be around in the future to continue to review, modify, or give support to your system. We support your business after your investment, throughout training, turnover, and enhancement, for higher value to your business.

We advocate regular reviews of your business plan and analysis of how technology can be leveraged to improve your bottom line. We believe in long-term relationships with our clients and continue to make recommendations for improvements as your business evolves. Our support services include:

  • Support and Maintenance Plan
  • Service Provider Recommendations
  • Service Contract Negotiations
  • Service Level Agreement


Wi-Fi & VPN deployment
There are several reasons why you might want to run a hotspot. Probably the first reason is to attract new business. By offering affordable wireless Internet to your users, you attract business people and students to your business. Many business peoples, especially business travelers factor Internet access into their daily plans. If they can use the Internet while at your facility, the more likely the are to use it. This applies to just about any business where people spend time sitting around, such as restaurants, auto service centers, and airport lobbies.


Disaster Recovery and Backup Services
I back up my systems to tape. Isn't that enough? In case of fire, flood, earthquake or other disasters, how long can your company survive without data?Disaster strikes in many forms and business that depend heavily on computer data are particularly vulnerable. As hard drives get larger, the chance of losing large amounts of data grow too. How well are you protected? Just backing up your files may not be enough..The average failure rate of disk and tape drives is 100%. All drives eventually fail! While fire is a real danger, about 90% of data loss results from more mundane problems such as equipment failure and human error. If data is vital to your business, then give it a fighting change by adopting data protection and disaster recovery service from IT PLAZAIT PLAZA operates state-of-the-art commercial data centre, featuring maximum security, multiple power back-ups and cutting edge fire suppression system. Our team of IT specialists will assist you in planning and implementing a customized back-up schedule and contingency plan.

The principle objectives of this plan and project are to:

  • Protect human life· Maintain a competitive position
  • Minimize loss to the company in productivity and sales revenue
  • Maximize the ability to recover· Preserve customer confidence and goodwill
  • Protect the company from lawsuits
  • Avoid disasters when possible through security policies and procedures


Information Kiosk solution
IT PLAZA is a leading provider of innovative and affordable kiosks as well as a world class digital media design firm. We specialize in developing interactive kiosk software and CD-ROM applications from the ground up. Our unique approach to software design comes from over 6 years of development experience in this industry. In addition to custom software development we also offer our own line of affordable kiosks that are ideal for tradeshow, exhibit, retail and mobile applications.

Why Information Kiosk?
In the new generation of advertising and promotion, digital media and kiosk/point of information systems are at the top of the advertising food chain. IT PLAZA understands this technology and we can meet or exceed your needs efficiently and affordably. We serve clients of all sizes, from small companies to Fortune 100 firms, no project or dream is out of our grasp. You can rest assured that your interactive media project or kiosk deployment will be completed efficiently, on-time and on-budget by our knowledgeable staff.

Service Offered
We will provide you with expert guidance at every stage of your information kiosk project ensuring that it is managed in the most effective manner and that you are satisfied with our deliverables.

Moreover our services do not end the moment we deliver information kiosks - we offer remote kiosk monitoring, dedicated support and kiosk maintenance, statistical reports and other mission-critical kiosk services.

Our typical information kiosk project management solution will incorporate the following steps:

  • Initial consulting determining kiosk's specifications
  • Database development
  • Graphic design
  • Application development or customization of remote kiosk monitoring and content delivery software
  • Website design and hosting
  • Researching and identifying ISP options
  • Kiosk manufacturing, deployment and roll-out
  • Training
  • Remote kiosk monitoring
  • Kiosk usage tracking and reporting
  • Kiosk content development and hosting
  • Maintenance and support services


IP Telephony

Webcam Survilance System